Thursday, January 26, 2012

Interesting Findings!!

   Finding that my grandmother, and her four brother were most likely raised in an orphanage after their mother, Rebecca McIntyre (Campbell) and Moses McIntyre died at the ages of 37 and 47, I have not been able to locate a cause so far, but am still trying to find out. William McIntyre and Alexander Thomas McInyre were for sure raised in an orphanage, the news paper article I have of my grandfather gives this account.
  I'm grateful that I have had a family to raise me! I did lose my dad at age 16, but I'm glad I at least had him for that long!
 My ancestors traveled all this way, from Sweden, England, and Ireland to provide better lives for themselves and their children and their children's children, etc... If you look at how people had to travel back then, you will appreciate greatly the risk they took traveling to America!! They risked shipwreaking, a great many number of diseases, and poverty, as well as not knowing if the land they were going to was better then what they left behind!

I'm having difficulties tracking down Moses and Rebecca McIntyre, the were born in Ireland, but I have not been able to find parents, or birth places.... so still trying to break down that wall!! =)

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