Sunday, October 13, 2013

Some Lost is Found

I've actually managed to get into contact with my dad's first cousin, and his family.
I believe (bare with me here), that my great grandmother's children's children, are my cousins, once removed..... I'm still working on it!
But anyways, my dad's first cousin and his children had a lot of old family photos and other documents. I was so excited!! This is a major step forward and a blessing! It's so awe inspiring to be in contact with other's, that know my grandparents, my dad, and a lot of other's in my family.
I'm hoping that we can help each other out, and try to discover more of our genealogy.

I'm horrible at posting on my blog, as you can tell... I'm setting a goal to get better! is actually where I ended up finding these family connections. I saw someone had posted a photo, and I commented on one saying how grateful I was to whomever it was that posted the photos, and it just took off from there.

(I'll post those photos as soon as I can) There are some really neat ones too! It makes me feel more connected with my family.

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